Foreword from our Chairman

Forward from our Chairman Richard Khoury, real estate investment consultant at Lathea Company LTD.

Foreword from our Chairman

For entrepreneurs, the journey and obstacles we overcome define the destination. The story of "Lathea" is not any different. An international real estate investment company aiming for acknowledgment as an authority within the investment community.

Inspired by the Greek name "Gift of God," Lathea is my daughter's name. From the beginning, my aim was that this name would represent "values, ethics, and beauty."
Lathea's core values are ethics and trust. Great results came from demonstrating these values in all our projects. The figures and numbers were and will remain due to our commitment to our values.

As an entrepreneur and a figurehead of "Lathea," my journey started as any businessman with trial and error. I traveled through different markets and industries, acquiring a vast diversified experience that allowed me to sculpt a solid business profile. A natural-born trader and marketer, I worked with various products and services until I settled in the rewarding world of real estate investment.

My experiences stretched from the Middle East to the Far East, Europe to Africa, Latin America, and Australia.
Currently, "Lathea" has embedded its operations in Lebanon, Ukraine, France, and Cyprus. We have prospective markets in development in other countries where we see tremendous value and potentially high return on investment.

As a potential partner to any investor looking for an opportunity, our solid track record is a guarantee of trust and a promise of delivery.

We are very sensitive in assessing high-risk situations and opportunities and always aim to surround ourselves with the right partners and advisers.

We always thrive with partners and investors who share our values and build our mutual trust based on actual outcomes and results.

We hope you share the same aspirations and ambitions as us, and we look forward to sharing a successful journey.

Chairman Richard Khoury | real estate investment consultant

Richard El khoury

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