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Residency Facilitation

When you buy a home in Cyprus, you immediately become eligible for a multiple-entry visa for up to five years (multiple entries and a stay of up to 180 days per year, with a maximum of 90 days within six months).

If you have a Cyprus resident permit card, you can travel freely without the need for costly and time-consuming visas everywhere in the world. One step closer to applying for a Schengen visa with Cyprus's resident permit and enjoying your independence, worldwide mobility, and many other benefits, including access to the Schengen of the European Union!

The following is a list of the advantages associated with registering in the permanent resident status program in Cyprus:

- Quick access to Europe.

- A procedure that takes two months.

- A Schengen visa is valid for one year and can be obtained at any European embassy in Nicosia.

- A permanent residence permit is not renewable because it is final and valid for life.

- The opportunity to take advantage of the education offered by British universities that are premised in Cyprus.

- The best healthcare facilities and high healthcare.

- The absence of an inheritance tax.

- Rental income.

- The possibility of obtaining a passport.