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Real–estate ownership

The procedure of purchasing properties in Cyprus is relatively easy compared to other nations in the EU, although it can take some time. As long as the prerequisites are satisfied, it is possible for a non-European foreigner to purchase an estate in Cyprus without being subject to any limitations, provided that the buyer does not have a criminal record.

The investor may purchase one property of up to 4,000 square meters, including an apartment, a house, or a plot of land. It is recommended that the land parcel be no larger than 40 acres. The purchase of commercial real estate is also possible, but this must be done by a legal entity that is already registered in Cyprus. You can purchase property in any part of Cyprus; however, Limassol is often regarded as the most desirable location. This is the most important commercial center in the southern region of Cyprus. It is the location of many domestic and international businesses and financial institutions, and it features advanced medical care and educational facilities.